Words Hurt

Too bad no one seems to understand or care.

Seems like the only thing people care about anymore is themselves. People only want to see the things they do and not look outward and see what others do as well.

What happened to people?

Where did all this selfishness come from?

Sometimes I Feel Like I’m Losing My Mind

This is quite weird for me. I’m not the personal who goes around talking about what’s going on in my head, my life, let alone post about them. My FB page is nothing but sharing other’s stuff. My Twitter is posting about my site, my friends, uplifting stuff, etc. But here I am, sitting in front of my laptop, typing away. When you’re the type of person like me, you keep things to yourself, try to make everyone around you happy, it….it takes a toll on you. And after a while, it’s got to come out. For better or worse. Continue reading Sometimes I Feel Like I’m Losing My Mind



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Meet an Amazing Author and Engineer at WiSHCon


This week we over at The Nerdy Girl Express have been highlighting the impressive conference, WiSHCon, short for Women in Sci-Fi and Horror Convention. They already have some great guests lined up and to help show just how great this event will be we’ve been highlighting each of these guests. For our latest WiSHCon profile I’ll be telling you all about the awesome aerospace engineer and sci-fi author Shannon Eichorn. 

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